We are standing at the threshold of the 21st Century, a Century that will be characterised by competition. It is clear, therefore, that it will be a Century dominated by those with advanced technological capacity, high productivity, modern and efficient transport and communication infrastructure and, above all highly skilled manpower imbued with initiative. If we are to be active participants in the global developments of the twenty-first century we must, as a Nation, find ways of improving and strengthening ourselves in all these areas.

In coming to terms with this challenge the people of Tanzania, led by their Government, recognised the need to prepare a New National Development Vision which will guide economic and social development efforts up to the year 2025. The objective of this Development Vision is to awaken, co-ordinate and direct the people’s efforts, minds and our national resources towards those core sectors that will enable us attain our development goals and withstand the expected intensive economic competition ahead of us.


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